Thursday, July 09, 2009


Amy and I are realizing we may need to find another pre-school option for one or both of our kids. They currently go to a place that is geographically and financially convenient for us, and they are enjoying themselves.

But because of their special needs, we are realizing a more educationally rigorous environment may be more suitable. This is especially important for Jada, since she starts kindergarten in 14 months and is over a year behind on some key communications areas. Aaron would benefit too, to the extent that his classmates' aggressiveness probably doesn't help his own temper issues.

So I think we're willing to spend a little more and travel a little further if we can find something that is well recommended, educationally challenging, and (important and yet I realize hard to find) available for enrollment by this fall. We welcome your prayers, thoughts, and recommendations.
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