Friday, June 05, 2009

Two Years and Counting with Aaron

Our official "Gotcha Day" for Aaron is June 9, because that's when he finally arrived in Philadelphia. But recall that Amy actually met Aaron first, before Jada and I did, as she flew out to California to pick him up there from my parents' house. So Amy's first encounter with the little guy was June 5, exactly two years ago today.

We chuckle when we think back to those first impressions. In many ways, Aaron is the same: unpredictably cranky one minute, sweet the next. And, of course, in many ways, Aaron is so different, a little boy now when at first he was nothing more than just a really big and hungry baby.

We thank God for our little guy and for all we've been through with him so far. And, as much as she teases and fights and complains and cries, Jada, I'm sure, is also thankful for her little brother.
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