Sunday, May 31, 2009

Prune Smoothie

One of the issues that was raised in Jada's developmental evaluation was the common problem of constipation, which is a bit of a vicious cycle: I hold it in because it hurts to poop, and it hurts to poop because I hold it in. Our consultation emboldened us to redouble our efforts to, ahem, flush out the issue.

Specifically, prune juice to the rescue. Amy thought prune smoothies would be the way to get Jada to take this "medicine." Sure enough, whereas the night after our evaluation she tried but couldn't go poop, the next morning after a half-cup of a ghastly homemade prune smoothie concoction that I had somehow put enough honey in to make palatable, she was off to the potty doing her deed within minutes, with a second poop to follow shortly after lunch.

Our last foray into the land of dietary helps (in that case, a cup of fiber-laden yogurt) ended up with Jada having an embarrassing accident at school, so we'll have to monitor when we give it to her. But hopefully with this strategically placed addition to her diet and our game plan, we'll be on our way.
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