Sunday, June 07, 2009

Sleep Stats

I caught an article in the paper that listed the following recommended ranges for sleep per day:

* toddlers - 12-14 hours

* pre-school - 11-13 hours

* adults - 7-9 hours

We may be falling short in other parenting categories, but we're pretty good about doing the right thing in terms of putting our kids in the best position to get sufficient sleep: regular routine, quiet bedroom, as little parental contact during bedtime as possible. But results may vary:

* Aaron's a good sleeper, and yet overnight he'll max out at 10.5 hours, usually closer to 10 and sometimes as little as 9.5; including a nap of anywhere from 1.5 to 2.5 hours, depending on how ragged we've run him, that's a range of 11-13 hours

* Jada doesn't sleep nearly as long, often jabbering away well past when we put her to bed and just as often popping up far too early; let's call it 8 to 10 hours overnight and zero to 2 hours of nap, for a range of 8-12 hours

And us adults are all over the map, with an average of 7, and ever wanting more. And while we do wish our kids would sleep longer - not just so we had more time, but so that they weren't as cranky - thankfully, with very few exceptions, they do sleep through the night. At this stage, we can live with that.
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