Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Blanket Policy

I usually put Aaron to bed, but Jada has requested me for bedtime the last few nights. It's kind of fun to do her bedtime, since it had been Amy for the longest time.

It has also reminded me of how strange our little girl is with her sleep habits. First, she sleeps with the light on. Then, instead of getting under the covers, she lies down with all her stuffed animals in the middle of her bed, and I layer several blankets on top of her, until her whole body is covered from head to toe. Then, I take the four corners of her comforter and sheet, and fold them over her like a burrito.

When I'm all done, I say, "Night night," and she says the same. And then she's good for the rest of the night. Unconventional, agreed; but effective.
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