Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sunday School, Like a Day at the Beach

Even though we made up our mind to move Jada up to the next age group for Sunday School, I was a little apprehensive for her sake when I brought her to her new classroom this past weekend. New teacher, new classmates, not nearly as much "easy" stuff like hugs and tea parties and snacks. I dropped her off as confidently as I could pull off, so she didn't see me wavering, said a little prayer, and then returned to the sanctuary.

When it was time to get our kids, I gingerly walked back to the classroom to peek in. There she was, with the teacher and another classroom, pulling Bible verses written on pieces of wood from a sandbox. Since Jada loves the beach, she was having a blast finding the pieces and having the teacher read them to her. I breathed a sigh of relief, and watched her for a few blissful seconds before she saw me and ran up to me. Thankfully, it appears her new Sunday School was be just fine.
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