Monday, March 30, 2009

Good Girl

First, the bad news. Jada threw up last evening. Thankfully, it appears to be a minor and isolated incident: it wasn't a lot, she was able to go back to sleep shortly after, and she didn't do any more hurling after. Still, I'm sure she wasn't feeling well, and throwing up at first made her cry before she was able to say that it made her feel better.

The good news is how good of a girl she was through it all. She was crying right before, so I went into her room to see what was the matter. She didn't say anything at first but then said she needed to go to the bathroom. So I carried her up the stairs and turned on the bathroom light. Wobbly, she lifted the toilet seat, put her Dora toilet seat on, and then threw up into the toilet.

I was startled by this, as I didn't realize that's what she meant when she said she needed to use the bathroom. But I quickly recovered, cleaned her off, and told her how proud I was that she had come all the way up to the bathroom to throw up in the right place.

Amy took over from there, and repeated my affirmations. The next morning, she was her usual bubbly self, with one more story to tell: "I spit up last night into the toilet." Yes, you did; good girl. (Maybe this isn't that impressive to you but it is to me; it probably took me until I was a teenager to actually throw up where I was supposed to. God bless my mom for cleaning up after me those times what should've been in the toilet or sink was actually on the floor or in the bed.)
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