Sunday, March 29, 2009

Good Saturday

With two small kids, you have to go easy on packing in the good times. But one of the nice things about Philly is how easy it is to have fun. In the morning, after we had Aaron's special instructor over, Amy brewed some coffee for herself to go, and we were off to the zoo, a 3-mile drive from our house. It threatened to rain but never did, and we were treated to very frisky elephants, tigers, and lions, as well as the usually peppy monkeys and the usually cooperative goats.

After lunch and "room time" at home, Amy insisted we head downtown to find Aaron an Easter suit. We started with our usual #1 and a smoothie and Reading Terminal, and, sufficiently fueled, went into shopping mode. She struck out at Macy's but hit pay dirt at Burlington Coat Factory, while the kids and I tooled around the Gallery Mall and especially our new favorite store, Five Below. Once we reunited, it was a quick subway ride home and we were back in plenty of time for bedtime.

It helped that the kids were well-behaved throughout. Although having fun stuff to do probably helped. All in all, a good Saturday, and shouts out to Philly for making it all possible.
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