Monday, January 19, 2009

Hard to Pin Down

After 3+ years of changing diapers, I have to say I'm pretty good at
it. But most mornings with Aaron, it takes just as long if not longer
than when I was clumsily doing it for the first time. The reason is
Aaron resists with all he's got. And all he's got is quite a handful:
flipping, kicking, flailing, biting. Amy, who has experience
wrestling down young girls almost twice her size at her old job
working at a residential psychiatric program, says when she has to pin
Aaron down takes her back to those old work experiences.

I don't share those experiences but can easily imagine myself in white
scrubs wishing I had restraints (or a third or fourth hand) to assist
me as I try to change and dress Aaron. Maybe some day, he'll parlay
such strength and persistence into a successful career as a wrestler;
even at 2, he's hard to pin down.

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