Monday, January 19, 2009

Injury Report

Last year, a friend of mine shared with me that his wife had her nose
broken when their two-year-old bucked his head backward while she was
trying to zip up his jacket. Despite the gruesome warning, Amy and I
haven't been able to avoid taking our own licks this weekend. On
Saturday, Aaron popped Amy square on the nose with his bowling ball
head when he lurched forward for a hug. And then on Sunday, Aaron was
sitting in front of me and somehow by confluence of movements by both
of us, he clocked me in the jaw with his forearm. Add to that the
usual assortment of awkward carryings, unending piggyback rides, and
elbows off the top turnbuckle, and Monday morning found us as sore as
professional football players. Who knew parenting could be such a
full contact activity?
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