Saturday, October 25, 2008

Update on Aaron

Well, now we have a reason for Aaron's latest fussiness: strep throat
and two ear infections. The antibiotics from two weeks ago had done
the trick, but sickness returned with a vengeance this week. So now
we're contemplating that tubal surgery we were cleared for earlier
this year. The advice back then was to wait until the next ear
infection; hopefully, Aaron'd make it through the summer until then,
at least.

Well, he did, but not by much. So the decision here is to wait for
the next one, to confirm that he's really prone to these, or to go
ahead and get the surgery. We're leaning towards the latter, since we
assume another ear infection is inevitable and we'll rather be able to
schedule his next medical thing rather than have it spring up on us.
But we're still mulling it over. We'll keep you posted.

In other news, my throat is starting to feel sore . . .

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