Saturday, October 25, 2008

Two are Faster than Four

With Aaron sick much of the week, many of our family outings became
"Dada and Jada" outings. And Jada quickly realized how well she makes
out when we go from four to two. For one, Jada's much more on my
pace. And, when she wants to move onto something else, we're able to
move, instead of having to wait. Plus there's just more I'll do if
it's just Jada, rather than Jada and Aaron, between preferences and
nap schedules and general crankiness.

Soon enough hopefully, Aaron'll be well again. And as he gets older,
hopefully he'll get more adventuresome and also be able to stay out
longer. Which'll be good, because four is funner than two. But for
now, two is faster than four. And it's fun in its own way, too.

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