Monday, September 01, 2008


Amy insisted that I take our camera to the aquarium instead the camcorder. So no video but plenty of stills. We got there before the place opened so walked along the waterfront; alas, between my 7-year-old camera and non-existent picture-taking skills, I couldn't figure out how to get good shots of the Philly skyline in the background.

One nice aspect of being early risers is we got the run of the place for the first 30 or so minutes, a far cry from the usual packed house there. So it was nice for the kids to have a little more elbow room when pressing their noses up to shark tanks and touching jellyfish.

Of course, by late morning, three out of the four members of our party were starting to perish out of tiredness and hunger. So we headed home, just as the masses really started pouring in. A beautiful day for swimming with the fishes.

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