Sunday, September 07, 2008

Cherishing Every Moment

It was a beastly day for both the kids, who just couldn't seem to quit whining or wailing; the kind of day you feel like you're just trying to survive until they're older and easier to manage.  Jada was unusually moody, Aaron yelled right into my ear drum, and I lost track of how many times I lost my temper. 

With rain in the forecast and a long day cooped up inside looming, Amy called her parents and asked if they could come over.  Thankfully for us, they happily obliged.  I got a nap in, we had more hands around the dinner table, and the kids seemed to lose a little bit of their edge since they had two not-as-worn-out adults to give them attention.

We spent a few minutes at the end of the evening watching DVDs of when we first got both kids.  We marveled at how little each of them looked, as well as how precious.  It occurred to both Amy and me that even as we were glad for how old our kids are now, we kind of missed when they were smaller. 

It made me remember something I've said before, which is that today is the only day we'll get to spend with our kids when they're exactly this age.  If that's not a reason to recommit to cherishing each moment - even if my ears are ringing and my patience is frayed and I haven't gotten to sit down yet - I don't know what is.
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