Sunday, August 10, 2008

She Naps

While Aaron powers through 3+ hour naps on a routine basis, Jada has not so much as cat-napped in several months, unless you count dozing off in the car on a hot summer afternoon.  Even running around under the sun at the beach all day didn't bring her down; one of us would return with the kids in the midday to feed them lunch and put Aaron to bed, but Jada would just watch TV while we waited for Aaron to wake up.

This weekend, though, the nap drought finally ended.  As is common, Aaron went down shortly after lunch, and I dozed off as Jada watched TV while sitting on my stomach.  Long after I awoke, we two made our way to the computer room, where she watched videos of our time at the beach and I caught up on emails.  Then she asked for a snack, so I sent her down to the kitchen, where Amy was cooking. 

A few minutes later, Amy called up to me: "Lee, come here."  I darted down the stairs and found Jada, sitting straight up, eyes closed, mouth open, head darting forward and backward.  She had fallen asleep while seated at the dinner table.  We carefully brought her to her room and then laid her on her bed, and though she wriggled a little, she was too tired to resist.  She was down for the count. 

When she awoke - 2 hours later! - she was so disoriented that she asked me to put her clothes on; she must have thought it was morning.  Now that's a nap.
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