Sunday, August 10, 2008

Letters and Numbers

Jada remains pretty far behind in terms of conversation, although she's making progress.  In the meantime, she has enjoyed two other academic pursuits: spelling and counting.  She'll often proudly spell her own name as well as Aaron's, and the other day, when I asked her if she knew how to spell my name, she replied, "D-D-D-D-Y."  Pretty close!  Other words she likes to spell: "no," "stop," and "love."  She's still working on "open" and "circus."

As for counting, it's not uncommon for her to announce as we're out and about: "There are two people with sandals on: Aaron and Jada."  Or: "There's four people with mouths: Aaron and Jada and Mama and Dada."  My favorite is when I ask her how many flowers she and Aaron are holding: "Aaron have two flowers and Jada have two flowers."  "And how many flowers do you have together?  "One, two, three, four - four flowers."  Not bad.
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