Saturday, July 19, 2008

Summer in the City

Amy went out this morning to see a friend in the burbs and asked me if
I wanted to come along with the kids and bring them to a local park
out there while she was tied up. It didn't work, though, because of
sleep schedules and because my prayer partner was still here when it
was time for Amy to leave the house. But it was just as fine, anyway,
because it kicked off a typical summer day in the city.

We decided once my friend left that we would take the subway downtown
to Franklin Square. I think I had put the idea in Jada's head earlier
in the week, and so this morning she was peppering me with requests to
ride the see-saw and the merry-go-round. Riding the subway is no
longer a novelty for the two of them, but today I let them get out of
the stroller and sit in the seats next to me. They had the biggest
Cheshire grins on their face the whole way.

Ironically enough, at Franklin Square we bumped into neighbors of ours
who we hadn't seen in months. We rode the merry-go-round, did the
see-saws, and tested out some other playground equipment, before
walking through the Independence Mall area back to the subway station
and back home.

After afternoon naps (well, everyone but Jada napped), it was back out
again into the blazing heat to the local park, for more running
around. The water ice truck jingled its way by, and for two bucks, we
had ourselves more than enough blueberry and strawberry lemonade water
ice to turn four mouths all sorts of funny colors. From there, we
walked over to McDonald's for an early dinner, and then home for
much-needed baths. Judging by the number of smiles we got out of Jada
and Aaron today, it was not a bad summer day in the city.

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