Thursday, July 24, 2008

Big Sister and Little Brother

Even though Jada and Aaron aren't biologically related to each other,
and it took 1001 events to bring each of them into our family, it
seems as though they've fallen quite naturally into their respective
roles as big sister and little brother. Jada is Type A, bossy; "Aaron
can be around me if I allow it" sort of thing. When she's "nice" to
Aaron, it's not so much out of her care for her little brother as much
as it is her own OCD: she insists I let Aaron have a drink from the
water fountain before we leave school, or that I pick flowers for him
too, because that's how it's done, not because she's looking out for
Aaron. Meanwhile, Aaron is the consummate little brother: tagging
along, never getting his way, throwing tantrums left and right in
response. Funny how one's family position shapes and is shaped by
your own unique personality.
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