Sunday, June 08, 2008

What to Do and Not Do on a Hot Summer Weekend

High 90's and humid this weekend. What to do with the kids? Here are some notes for me to refer to the next time the temperatures are rising:

* Good ideas - Pool party on the front porch. Play with toys in the basement. Eat ice cream outside. Make smoothies.

* Not so good ideas, but glad we did it for the stories we can tell - Walk two miles to Schuylkill Banks. Walk two miles to Odunde. Ride the Regional Rail to Manayunk, only to have it break down twice. Walk around Manayunk, crowded as it was after the bike race and teeming with drunk 20-somethings.

* Definitely not good ideas, not to be repeated again - Forget to turn on the A/C in Aaron's room for one of his mid-day naps. Forget to apply sunblock to my arms and legs. (Ouch!)

In case you're wondering, yes, I may have pushed the kids a bit too much; but we did slather them with sun block, and we did make sure they drank plenty of water, and we did give them a good scrub when it was all over. And what's a hot summer weekend when you're a kid if you don't crash into bed on Sunday evening as tired as you can be?

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