Thursday, June 05, 2008

When It Rains, It Pours

I have to vent a little about my walk home from day care yesterday.
It was raining hard enough to require an umbrella and a steady hand,
but not hard enough to warrant hollering over to Amy to come pick us
up by car. Still, it's hard not to zig zag when pushing the two kids
and holding an umbrella. Aaron, of course, started gasping underneath
the rain cover, since it is his arch enemy. Some of his flailings got
sent in Jada's direction, causing her to start whining. Have I told
how grating my kids sound when they whine?

Of course, Aaron then flung his pacifier on the ground, which I had to
backtrack to retrieve. Two blocks later, Jada made a stink while we
were crossing a major street; I had to calmly and then angrily explain
to her that I couldn't deal with her request until we were clear from
all the traffic. Only when we reached the other side did she say, "I
lost my shoe." She had accidentally kicked off her shoe, so we had to
recross the busy street and backtrack another half-block to fish her
shoe out of a puddle.

When we finally got back to where we were when we turned around, a
kind woman pulled over and asked if I wanted a ride. Um, I don't know
you, you don't have two car seats in your car, and um, I don't know
you. So, um, no thanks.

By now I'm soaked, and since both Aaron and Jada were fussing with the
rain cover, so were they. So all I could do was press forward as fast
as possible to shorten the agony. By the time we arrived home, both
were thankfully quiet, but I was covered in sweat. I tell you, when
it rains, it pours.

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