Thursday, June 12, 2008

Panicky Bedtimes Again

I didn’t miss this but did take for granted their recent non-existence: panicky bedtimes for Jada. The last couple of nights, she’s pulled out all the stops after we’ve put her to bed. Something is invariably not right about her room, whether the shade being crooked or a stuffed animal gone “missing” (not really missing, just buried under the four blankets she simply must have with her in bed). We finally got her to let go of getting a replacement bandage for her scraped knee, since it is completely healed.

It’s a fine line: we want to reassure her, but we don’t want to reward her antics with our attention. Between Amy and me, guess which one of us insists to the other that we just leave Jada alone and let her deal? What’s especially frustrating is that Jada pops up at 6 or earlier the next morning, ready to start the day but clearly in need of more sleep. She’s not the only one.
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