Monday, June 09, 2008

Good Ears

Aaron had his consultation with an ear, nose, and throat specialist this morning at Temple Children's.  Of course, he was a happy, climbing, flirty whirlwind in the waiting room.  And yet when the resident and then the doctor checked his ears, nose, and mouth, he was able to sit still - remarkable.  Then they took him to another room to check his hearing, and again he performed stellarly, to the point that one of the technicians complimented his good behavior.  I had to roll my eyes and say, "Only when he's away from home." 

As for the results, his hearing is fine, but because of his track record of ear infections, he's a prime candidate for tubes.  The doctor suggested we hold off and wait until the next ear infection, and then bring him in: if it never happens again, we luck out, and if it doesn't happen until the fall, we buy ourselves a few months and make it less likely he'll need tubes twice.  So we'll play wait and see for now. 
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