Monday, June 09, 2008

Aaron Has a Thought

Aaron is, how shall I say this, simple in the head.  Life for him consists of eating and sleeping, with some playing and pooping mixed in there.  In the grand scheme of things, it's a good life for a 17-month-old; there'll be plenty of years left for him to put on his thinking cap.

Yet, there are signs that the gray matter up top is in motion.  We were walking outside yesterday on a brutally hot day, the kind that requires frequent liquid replenishments.  Aaron had flowers in both of his hands when I offered him his sippy cup.  Now, normally when both his hands are full and he's presented with a third item that is more desired, he'll reflexively let go of one of the things in his hands and forever forget about it; if, on the other hand, the third item is not as desired, he'll do nothing.

When offered a drink of water, you could tell he was ruminating, because he didn't do anything immediately.  Then, he took the flower in one of his hands and placed it next to himself in the stroller; and then he took the sippy cup and held it with his newly empty hand, propping it up against his other, clenched hand. 

Well played, young man.  And likely many more thoughts to follow.
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