Monday, March 10, 2008

Steady Drip

Our third floor bathroom tub has a steady drip. Nothing worth
figuring out how to fix, but a drip nonetheless. Rather than have
that water go down the drain, I have a bucket under the tap, and every
other day, it's enough water to fill the humidifiers in Aaron's and
Jada's rooms. I always marvel at how much water can accumulate in the
span of 48 hours.

Aaron's got a steady drip going, too. He's been teething like a
madman, with big ol' molars finding their way to the surface. So
during the day, while he's upright, there's a steady drip flowing from
the corners of his mouth to the front of his shirt. By the time I
pick him up from day care, some 11 or 12 hours after he's woken up,
his shirt is absolutely soaking wet. Poor little guy.

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