Saturday, March 15, 2008

TGI the Weekend

In the midst of working feverishly at the office, I got a call from Amy, who told me Aaron was feverish at school.  As she was on the other side of town at the time, it was on me to get him out of day care and take him home.  Thankfully for me, that was the extent of my having to take personal time from work, as Amy was able to cancel her work appointments for the next day so she could run Aaron to the doctor's and spend the rest of the day at home with him. 

The report from the pediatrician was that Aaron has yet another ear infection, and will require a follow-up visit in a couple of weeks to make sure he's OK.  The poor little guy has been especially crabby and drooly this week, but does not appear to be contagious so is cleared for social interaction.  We left him at home with a babysitter to attend a wedding in New Jersey Friday night with Jada.  It was a fun time but a long night, made longer by Jada's difficulty in getting back to sleep once we got home. 

Amy and I have both been burning it at both ends, Aaron has felt terribly uncomfortable, and Jada stays up late and wakes up early.  We could all use a little bit more rest, so here's hoping the weekend and its relative mellowness afford us that opportunity.

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