Sunday, March 09, 2008

What Aisle Can I Find Other Dolly In

Because Aaron goes back down for a morning nap shortly after
breakfast, I'll often kill two birds with one stone and go grocery
shopping with Jada in tow, to give Amy a bit of a break. Yesterday
morning, I was running a little late on account of Daylight Savings
Time, but we quickly made our way through our grocery list and I felt
good about being able to get everything paid for, loaded up, and
unloaded into our house so we wouldn't be late for our church's
morning service.

Only when we got to the checkout line did Jada announce to me, "Uh oh,
Other Dolly." As tight as she is with Dolly, lately she's been
gravitating to a newer, cleaner version that she calls "Other Dolly."
So Other Dolly was out shopping with us, but at some point Jada had
dropped her and I knew not when or where.

I paid for our groceries and then left the shopping cart to retrace my
steps, with Jada on my shoulders. No sign of Other Dolly. I went to
Customer Service and left my phone number there, in case they found
her later; but really, I resigned myself to no more Other Dolly, and
began to wonder how Jada would respond.

We loaded the groceries into the car, and I decided Other Dolly was
worth at least one more sweep of the grocery store. I was halfway
through the aisles when an employee told me to go to Customer Service,
that Other Dolly had been found and was waiting for us there. I
breathed a sigh of relief and we made our way to get Other Dolly back.
Jada happily grabbed Other Dolly back, oblivious to the ordeal the
past twenty minutes had been. The person at Customer Service smiled
knowingly at me, and I smiled back. Crisis averted, thanks to the
good people at the Grays Ferry Pathmark.

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