Sunday, March 02, 2008

Second Time Around

I am a shameless multi-tasker. I know that when you're with your kids you're supposed to give them your undivided attention, but when you have three hours (or less) of free time a day and six hours (or more) of life to-do's on your plate, some of those parenting hours also have to be administratively productive hours. It's why, for example, you might get a call from me on Saturday mornings, since that's often my time to take the kids to the zoo AND catch up with faraway friends.

My new favorite multi-tasking activity is, after I put Aaron to bed, Jada and I will sit in front of the computer together. I split the screen in two, and she watches home movies on the left side, and I catch up on my emails on the right side. Of course, I'm not nearly as productive as if I was checking my email by myself - I have to sing happy birthday with her every time that song comes up, and I have to fend off her attempts to climb on top of my head - but at least I can get one thing out of the way before Jada's bedtime. Plus, it's fun to watch these videos a second time around.
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