Saturday, March 01, 2008

New School

We've had to change up our day care situation due to unforeseen circumstances, which put us in quite the bind, with Amy starting a full-time job this coming week. And even if we could find something on such short notice, how would the kids do with such a severe transition?

Fortunately, we were able to find another nearby day care facility
with availability. This one has classrooms and curricula and three
meals a day, and each of our kids will be with other kids their age.
When we visited, both their eyes perked up at the brightness and the
toys and the new faces. Plus all the teachers seemed competent and

So hopefully our kids'll take to their new school. It's just as close
as where we used to go, but it's in the same direction as where I
work, so I don't have to double back after I drop them off. And it's
only a tick more money than we paid before. We'll keep you posted,
but so far I'm thinking that though we couldn't have predicted the circumstances that
redirected us to this new school, I'm glad for where we've ended up.

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