Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Four Busy Days

Yesterday was Jada and Aaron's first day at their new day care.
Because we had to schlep so much stuff out there on the first day -
bedding, diapers and wipes, extra changes of clothes - and because it
was the first day, Amy and I both took them. We got Jada set up first
and then Aaron, but when we came back to say bye to Jada, she started
crying. Of course, she was fine not five minutes after we left, but
we spent the rest of our day - in between our respective hustles and
bustles - wondering how our kids would do.

I picked them up on the way home from work, so I was the first to find
out. Turns out Aaron didn't cry a lick, and why would he, since he
was surrounded by new faces and new things to explore. Jada also did
well, going potty in a real toilet and playing well with others;
although, in typical Jada fashion, she refused to go down for a nap,
and even poked and prodded her neighboring nappers.

I couldn't wait to get them home to Amy, who met us at the door with
big hugs for her little ones. I gave her the status report and we
shared about our busy days as the kids played and then ate.
Everything worked out really well, but the absence certainly made all
our hearts grow fonder for time together as a foursome. Soon enough,
it was time for bed, and everyone - adults included - went down
easily. (And by easily, I mean "Jada was only bouncing off the wall
for one hour, not two.")

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