Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wiped Out

There's this really bad stomach bug going around our church. At least
one member, and in some cases every member, of every family in our
small group has gotten hit so far! Even worse, it seems to come in
waves; people have gotten it bad, gotten over it, and then gotten it
worse one or even two weeks later. In our family, it probably hit Amy
the worst, and Jada and Aaron caught it too. I've had two mini-bouts
myself, both which sent me home early from work to crawl under the
covers, emerging only to cancel the next day's meetings.

Among the many things we discussed at our last small group meeting
were two that have become increasingly relevant: 1) God teaches us
stuff amidst our afflictions, and 2) people in pain need our prayers,
not just our pity. So I've been trying to hold onto those truths
amidst my discomfort and that of others'. But I'd be lying if I told
you I wasn't constantly looking forward to warmer weather and
sickness-free weeks.

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