Thursday, February 28, 2008

Three-Year Checkup

Some follow-ups on Jada's three-year checkup:

* She's 30 pounds and 3 feet tall.

* We've been told not to worry too much about her being behind on speech, but that it might be helpful to take her to at least one or two speech therapy sessions, which we're going to try to set up shortly.

* We've also been told not to worry too much about her not being all the way potty trained, and that any nervousness or pressure just makes things worse.

One more juicy tidbit.  Our doctor recommended we put up a gate at night, to discourage Jada from her evening wanderings and to reinforce that she is to stay in her room at bedtime.  I had been against gates but decided to heed his advice, so we put up a gate and waited to see what would happen.

Shortly after bedtime, I poked my head downstairs to see what she was doing, and she was climbing in and out of her room!  So the gate was not a deterrent in any sense of the word, and I quickly disassembled it for another day.  We might decide to reinstall it, but higher off the ground; although I'm pessimistic that even at a higher height, it'll keep her inside, expert climber that she is.
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