Thursday, November 15, 2007

One's Thawing, One's Gaining

Quick update on our two creatures. Jada is warming to her little
brother; she's still fiercely independent, and it's not like Aaron can
play with her, but when we throw them both into the bath, Jada has
taken to soaping and then rinsing his back. Speaking of the bath,
it's where you can see how fast Aaron is gaining on Jada physically;
his thighs are already the same size, even though he's giving 22 1/2
months to Jada.

Even though they've been a handful lately, with both sick and the bad
weather meaning less opportunity to run them ragged outside, Amy and I
are increasingly catching ourselves just looking at them. I think
we're realizing that no matter how much they drive us nuts or wear us
down, they're our babies and every second with them is a second we'll
never have again at this age. Some day they'll be all grown, and
we'll really miss these early days; so here's to making the most of
every moment.

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