Monday, November 12, 2007

Still Sick

Aaron's been pretty cranky the past couple of weeks now, and after
today, we know why. He had been diagnosed with an ear infection three
weeks ago, so the doc put him on 10 days of antibiotic. But his
symptoms hadn't improved, plus Jada had been coughing, so Amy called
this morning to see about an unscheduled visit, and they were able to
squeeze us in this afternoon.

So while I was conked out home sick in bed, Amy lugged Aaron and Jada
to the doc for a check-up. Jada was fine, although spooked because it
wasn't her favorite doc who checked her out at first. But Aaron's ear
infection has worsened, so a stronger antibiotic has been prescribed,
which we'll pick up tomorrow. Poor little guy.

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