Sunday, November 18, 2007

Healthy Again

Last weekend was a bit of a disaster, as everyone except Amy was sick
and the weather was nasty. So we all moped around, me most of all,
and Amy ran herself ragged trying to tend to everyone.

Everyone's pretty healthy now, thankfully. My cold was, mercifully,
short; and the stronger antibiotics Amy got for Aaron seem to be doing
the trick. Jada's also feeling sunnier.

So this weekend has been much, much funner. Yesterday morning, I took
the kids to the Penn campus and to a fair being put on my a freshman
management class, which included a Peanuts play, balloon animals, and
face painting. And then in the afternoon, Amy took Jada to a jewelry
party, while Aaron and I held down the fort at home.

It's good to be healthy again. So let's get those hands washed, kids,
and don't sneeze in my face anymore!

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