Sunday, November 04, 2007


Just when you think you've figured your kids out, they go off and
perform a random act of kindness. Jada didn't nap today, and while
feeding the ducks in the late afternoon had put her in a good mood, me
wrestling her back to the car did not, nor did Aaron crying much of
the way home.

So it absolutely staggered me when I brought Aaron and Jada up to our
TV room and Jada approached Aaron from behind and gave him a full-on
hug, even wrestling him to the ground as she beamed a genuine smile.
Aaron, of course, was loving every second of this three-second lapse
of affection, and I was moved to the brink of tears. No matter that
she spent the rest of the time sitting up on the couch and avoiding
his touch; I'm just glad to see she has it in her to be nice to her
little brother.

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