Sunday, November 04, 2007


"I give Mama kisses" is a common refrain from Jada when I tell her
it's time to go to bed. But "I give Mama kisses" doesn't actually
mean giving Amy kisses, it means receiving them - she goes up to Amy
and then lowers her head so Amy can give her a peck on the top of her
head. (In this sense, it's not unlike another popular phrase of
Jada's, in which "I carry you" actually means she wants to be

But there's one person who Jada actually kisses, and that's her day
care buddy / boyfriend Joshua. Amy is usually the one to pick our
kids up from day care, and she reported to me that when she would
arrive there this week, Jada and Joshua would kiss goodbye - on the
lips! - before Jada would head home. I tell you, kids these days . .
. I've met both of Joshua's parents and they seem very nice, so all is

Further spicing things up, the daughter of one of my best friends also
goes to this day care, and has also taken a shining to Joshua. Ah, to
be 2 1/2 and in love . . .

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