Monday, November 19, 2007

Go-To God

Jada fell off her chair at dinner tonight and bumped her head pretty
good, and so for a good hour, she was pretty clingy with Amy, howling
uncontrollably whenever Amy would leave the room. It's really quite
sweet how attached Jada is to Amy in times of distress; it makes
realizing I'm chopped liver in these situations a little easier to

I couldn't help but draw a parallel between Jada's innate pull to Amy
whenever she is hurting and how we should turn to God in our own times
of need. No one needed to instruct Jada that when she is in pain, she
ought to remember to go to Amy who can make it feel better, or at
least provide the comfort that is so needed in such times. Jada's
bond with Amy is natural, primal, unforced. I am challenged by this
life example to examine whether my own bond with our Heavenly Father
is the same.

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