Sunday, July 22, 2007

A Person Again

There is a Taiwanese phrase that, translated into English, means, "I
slept until I didn't know I was a person." It loses something in the
translation, but you've probably had one of those sleeps before, where
you wake up and, for a moment, you forget where you are, what time it
is, and even who you are.

I've had two of those this weekend, and ironically enough, far from
making me forget I was a person, they helped me remember that I am.
Yesterday, after I put Jada down for her nap, I went to go spend time
with Aaron. But I was so wiped out that "spend time with Aaron"
consisted of lying down on the carpet with my eyes closed while he
climbed around me.

So Amy shooed me away and said I should go take a nap. I did, and for
an hour I truly left the premises. When I awoke, I couldn't believe
only an hour had passed. But I was still deeply tired.

Last night, we went to bed at 10ish. Aaron awoke around 11:30, as is
the norm for him now, and Amy took care of that feeding. He woke
again at 5, as is also the norm for him, and by then I'm supposed to
be up and ready. But I wasn't - not even close. By the time I even
moved, Amy had gotten up and taken care of that feeding, as well. And
when Aaron went back to sleep after that, I was clear to return to

And sleep I did, until 6ish. All told, 8 consecutive, mostly
uninterrupted hours of glorious sleep. After six weeks of never
getting more than 6 in a row, usually far less. I slept until I
didn't know I was a person, and as a result I feel like more of a
person now.

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