Sunday, July 22, 2007

Best Behavior

Do you know those families who look perfect in public but are a wreck
in private? Amy and I don't want to be like that, honestly, but it
seems our kids haven't gotten the memo.

Case in point: my aunt and uncle came up to see us from Delaware, and
while they were here, somebody swapped my kids with two angels. Aaron
sat in their laps and crawled on the ground with not a peep, only
smiles. And Jada said "please" and "thank you," didn't throw a
tantrum, and somehow went their entire visit without pushing Aaron

But no sooner had my aunt and uncle than Aaron turned his cry siren
on, and didn't turn it all the way off until bedtime. And Jada,
mostly from the tiredness that comes from replacing your nap with
practicing WWF wrestling moves on your new big girl bed, slowly
deteriorated until she simultaneously ate a bean bun, fell asleep, and
threw a tantrum.

It's almost funny how good our kids are when company is over,
especially when the company is people who have heard me say how much
of a handful Jada and Aaron are. They express incredulity, and I am
left to say things like, "No, really, Aaron cries all the time! Jada
is having a hard time adjusting to having a little brother! All
visual evidence to the contrary, these things are true!"

So I think the next time we have people over, I'll ask them to leave .
. . and then sneak back in. Either that or stay forever!

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