Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Welcome Back to Infancy

I think the hardest part about a second child is how hard it is to go
back to being a parent of an infant. Jada is extraordinarily
independent, even for a toddler, so we were particularly spoiled. But
I think it's also how she is, and how we're trying to mold our kids
into, in that kids should have room to be, to explore, to try, try

So I can't remember when we had to feed her, or get her up in the
middle of the night, or carry her for hours on end. And here comes
this second one, who obviously can't do much if anything on his own,
and we're still trying to get our heads around that.

Thankfully, Jada's been her usual independent and sweet self, so while
we've been extra careful to make sure she's getting her strokes, by
and large we've been able to focus our energy on Aaron, who deservedly
needs it. Of course, by the time we've gotten Aaron acclimated, it
may be time for #3 to bring us back to infancy.

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