Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Jada's Talk Show

As if our little toddler wasn't precocious enough, Jada has been
hosting a talk show every morning and evening for the past few months.
Although she shouldn't get too big a head: her rotation of guests is
limited to the stuffed animals in her crib, and sometimes she makes
only herself laugh. Plus I think she inadvertently used a cuss word
the other night, so the FCC may come calling.

Anyway, it is telling of her personality that she's fine getting put
to bed well before she's tired enough to fall asleep, and equally fine
staying in bed well after she's woken up. Oh sure, if her favorite
people are over she might make a stink about leaving their company in
the evening. And even after a good set in the morning she's usually
itching to get out to toys outside her crib by 8 at the latest. But
if the major networks start calling about a new host, at least our
daughter can say she's had some previous experience.

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