Tuesday, June 12, 2007


If you recall, several months after we brought Jada home from China,
we officially readopted her in a Pennsylvania court. Not all states
recognize international adoptions, but all recognize adoptions by
another states' court. It made for a nice ceremony and one last
paperwork step in Jada's long process.

I was honestly going to wait on Aaron and think about doing him and
Baby #3 together, since the only way waiting was going to be bad was
if we moved to another state and then Amy and I both died. So I
figured there was no hurry, and in fact it might be more convenient to
do both readopts at the same time.

However, my mom correctly pointed out that Aaron's adoption is
different than Jada's, in that his entry into the country was
classified differently since we didn't physically go to Taiwan to
stand before the courts there. Thus, while Jada was a US citizen as
soon as she touched down on US soil, and received her Certificate of
Citizenship a few weeks later, Aaron is currently classified as a
Permanent Resident, and we have to officially readopt him here in the
US in order to get the process started on getting him his Certificate
of Citizenship. Which means it'll be a few months before he can get a
Social Security number, for example.

So a few more hoops for Aaron, which we've already started jumping
through. We'll keep you posted on when we get to the end of it all.

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