Monday, June 04, 2007

The Unknown

I've gotten conflicting messages from parents of two or more kids.
Some say going from one to two is easier than going from zero to one.
I would've guessed this to be universally true, but more seem to be
telling me it's a harder transition. I hope they're wrong!

Seriously though, I have to believe that one thing going for us is
that there's less unknown. Aaron will be a handful, especially in
light of having to also keep an eye out for Jada. By himself, he may
be more challenging than Jada was when we first got her.

But the big difference is the level of anxiety over the unknown. Not
knowing what you don't know, at least for me, can be incredibly
stressful. Not that we've seen it all in our 1 1/2 years of
parenting, of course. But at least we've seen 1 1/2 years' worth of
parenting. And that, I think, will be the difference-maker in terms
of not being as worried this time around.

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