Monday, June 04, 2007


We call the day we got our kids "Gotcha Day" and have made it a big
family celebration. In some sense, all parents celebrate Gotcha Day -
it's called your kid's birthday. We weren't there for our kids'
birthday, of course, so in some sense, our Gotcha Day is even more
special to us than their birthdays. At least that's how it appears
it's going to play out - their birthdays will be a big deal for them
and their friends, and their Gotcha Days will be more family-oriented.

Even though Amy will have met Aaron a few days sooner and Jada won't
meet him until the morning after, we've decided to make June 9 Aaron's
Gotcha Day, which is the day he arrives in his new home in
Philadelphia. My father-in-law will be accompanying me to the
airport, and my sister might even be in town, to welcome Big Boy to
Philadelphia and to our family. We can't wait!

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