Thursday, June 14, 2007

Some Semblance of a Schedule

Some semblance of a schedule for Aaron? Not quite yet, but getting
there. I'm usually up around 5, which happens to be when Aaron's
tummy wakes him. A good feeding and burping usually gets us three
more hours of him sleeping, and sometimes, after another feeding and
burping, another hour or so of him sleeping.

By then I'm off to work. Twice a week I've taken Jada to day care on
my way out, and the other three days she's home with Amy. Amy'll get
up with Aaron around 8, and while I'm working, she's doing the harder
work of holding, changing, feeding, and burping Aaron, usually in
three-hour increments, with a couple of naps strewn in there.

I get home between 5 and 6, depending on if I'm picking up Jada, and
will take care of Jada until her bedtime, which is now creeping
towards 8. Then I'll watch Aaron for a couple of hours, and give Amy
the only free time she gets all day.

I try to get into bed between 10 and 11, and at that point Aaron is
all Amy's. Usually his last bottle is between 11 and 12, and we hope
that gets him all the way to 5, but more often than not he's up again
between 1 and 2 demanding another bottle, which Amy takes care of and
I usually sleep through.

I'm taking a vacation day at work tomorrow, so we'll see how this
schedule plays out on days I'm not in the office. For now, it's not a
great schedule, but it sure beats not having any schedule at all.

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