Friday, June 15, 2007

Good Big Sis

Jada's gotten a bit of a raw deal with the arrival of her new little
brother. It's not like he can play with her yet. We're much less
available in terms of our time and energy. And sometimes she wants to
go somewhere and we have to tell her to hang back on account of Aaron.

But if she's jealous or upset, she's not showing it. On the contrary,
she's still her bubbly self. When Aaron cries, she'll dutifully bring
his pacifier over to him. And she hasn't seemed to mind Aaron gumming
on some of her toys. (Being able to play with some of Aaron's toys is
probably a more than fair trade-off!)

I'm thinking that keeping to her various routines, in spite of Aaron's
arrival and all the new responsibilities that entails, is what is
keeping her content. I'm also thinking that I was right all along
when I suspected she'd make a good big sis.

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