Friday, June 29, 2007

Soft Reset

My old PDA had a soft reset and a hard reset.  The soft reset was for when your PDA froze and you needed it to unfreeze, kind of like turning your computer off and then back on again.  The hard reset was for when your PDA was really in trouble, and you needed to go back to square one and start all over.

Well, my kids haven't had to do a hard reset yet.  But every once in awhile, they get really fussy for a bit of a stretch, and nothing seems to work.  And then they take a super-long nap, and when they wake up, all seems to be right with the world again.  I call this a soft reset. 

I share this because both Aaron and Jada had soft resets this afternoon.  Both had rough mornings, Aaron on account of bumping his head and Jada on account of us not being able to accede to all of her demands.  There was fussing, there were archings of backs, and there was even some ear-splitting wailing. 

And then two long naps later, the birds were chirping again.  (Well, Aaron's was more of a shrieking still, but a little less shrill than before.)  Soft reset.
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