Friday, June 29, 2007

The Most Important Person to Spend Time With

Adding a second child introduces all sorts of new responsibilities.  I want to spend as much time with Aaron as possible, to get to know him and to get him to know me.  I want to make sure I give Jada her time, too, so she knows she's still loved.  And I want to take them both on so that Amy can get her space to do what she needs to do to stay sane.

But I have to remember that the most important person to spend time with in this whole mix is Amy herself.  We are both fairly independent and introverted people, so the default thing is to think that what we both need is alone time to recharge.  And while that is very, very true, it is also true that part of what recharges us is time spent together, just the two of us. 

Easier said than done logistically, what with Aaron not quite ready for day care and us wanting to be further along in knowing Aaron enough so that we can tell a babysitter what to expect.  But when something is important, you make it happen.  And Amy and I are both realizing, three weeks into being parents of two, that that something is important.  So we're going to try to make it happen.
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