Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Easy Day, Hard Night

Aaron got three immunization shots and a finger stick at the doctor's
yesterday, so he spent a lot of the day sleeping. Whereas the day
before, he took three naps totalling less than two hours, yesterday he
took four naps totalling seven hours.

Great for us during the day. But at night, Aaron just couldn't seem
to get into a rhythm. I lost track of how many times he howled
himself awake. Amy got him every single time, so she bore the brunt
of the hard night, but because Aaron's temporarily in our bedroom, I
paid the cost of a good night's sleep as well.

I've said before in this space that we basically orient our parenting
strategy around getting our kids a good night's sleep. We've enjoyed
the luxury of that with Jada for quite some time now. So it's hard to
go back to fitful sleep in short bursts. Hopefully, Aaron will
continue to acclimate to his new home and his new time zone and his
new parents. They need the sleep!

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