Saturday, June 02, 2007

Aaron's Room

Some people have asked about Aaron's future sleeping arrangements.
Unfortunately, we won't be able to get him immediately acclimated to
his eventual bedroom, because it's not ready yet.

We've rented out our third floor apartment ever since we bought our
house in 2000, and our most recent tenant, a friend of mine from my
old job, is moving out a few days after Aaron arrives. Since we'll be
bursting into our third floor for the first time, I figure we'll need
anywhere from two weeks to two months to paint, put up some walls,
take some other walls out, and generally absorb that third floor into
the rest of the house.

Aaron's room will eventually be up there. For now, his crib will be
in our bedroom, where it's darkest and where he can sleep
uninterrupted. Anyway, we were thinking of having him close by early
on, since he's likely going to require at least one night-time

My dad reported to me that Aaron's first night in the US was a rough
one. I'm sure it was scary for him to find himself in a completely
new place. He ended up doing OK, in terms of sleeping.

Hang in there, Big Boy. In a few days, you'll meet your Mama, and a
few days after that, your Dada and your Jie Jie. And hopefully soon
after that, you can start getting familiar with your new bedroom.

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